Elder Care Services

We're more than just a nursing home.

Long-Term Care at The Manor in Vermont

Long-Term Care

Exceptional care and services by qualified, professional staff. We’re more than just a nursing home.

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Residential Care at The Manor in Vermont

Residential Care

Optimum quality of life and independence within a continuum of care that supports each individual’s changing needs.

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Short-Term Rehabilitation at The Manor in Vermont

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Quality rehabilitation services combined with skilled nursing care, tailored to meet your unique health care needs.

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Life Enrichment at The Manor in Vermont

Life Enrichment

Life enrichment encompasses activities and experiences based on resident interests. Providing a rich tapestry of opportunities that help to improve quality of life; programs include social events, hobbies, group outings, and stimulating social, mental, emotional, and physical activities for all residents.

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End-of-life care at The Manor in Vermont

End-of-Life Care

End of Life, or Hospice care is for individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and are certified as having a life expectancy of 6 months or less. The Manor provides expert and compassionate end of life care in conjunction with hospice services provided by its team of professional nurses. Services may include nursing care, medical supplies and equipment, medications to manage symptoms, and spiritual support.

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