Short-Term Rehabilitation

The Manor's quality rehabilitation services combined with skilled nursing care are tailored to meet your unique health care needs.

With a dedicated team of experienced physical, occupational, and speech therapists, our staff assists those recovering from surgery, provides transitional care following a hospital stay, and assures comprehensive rehabilitation services to those with diagnoses resulting from illness, injury, disease, disability and aging.

The Manor’s patient-centered rehabilitation services are provided 6 days per week to assure the quickest possible recovery of health, independence, and your most expedient return home following illness, injury or surgery. The Manor is dedicated to ensuring your best care so that you may regain your strength and independence including:

  • Improved mobility
  • Improved ability to do self-care
  • Support in coping with the disease process
  • Pain management
  • Support for families and caregivers

​At The Manor therapists are empowered to be experts, and treat each patient for the amount of time needed for every visit without scheduling our minutes. We provide ethical, creative, highly-motivated physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and rehab managers who provide quality patient care.

A resident at the Manor with her walker
A resident and caregiver at The Manor in Vermont

""I was having a rough day and didn’t want to do my exercises. Andrew bribed me with a card trick! He showed me half the trick and said he’d finish it if I walked a few more steps. Sneaky! The Manor is a top notch Rehab facility and I’ve visited many in my recovery. The staff, the environment, the care at The Manor – excellent! Andrew? He’s still pretty sneaky!""

— Arthur B.

For more information, contact our Rehabilitation Director:

Joni LaRow, COTA/L
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